Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade was founded in 1948 (engineering started in 1894). It has over 3,000 students (graduating ~400 per year) and over 200 teaching staff members.

FME performs education and basic, applied and scientific research as well as development in over 20 fields of mechanical engineering including: production engineering, transport, construction and mining machinery, agricultural mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, naval engineering, ICT.

In addition, FME regularly organizes scientific conferences and seminars. It has developed cooperation with educational, scientific and other organizations at home and abroad.

FME is dedicated to collaboration with industry and other institutions in solving basic, applied scientific problems, studies, expertise, etc.

University of Belgrade (Founded in 1808)- see more

The University of Belgrade is a state university, founded in 1808. It is the oldest university in Serbia and the largest university at South Eastern Europe – it consists of 31 faculties (among them 11 in the field of engineering) and 11 research institutes. Its education and scientific research activities cover a large number of fields including engineering, science and mathematics, medical sciences, social sciences and humanities. UB has 5.000 academic and research staff and over 95.000 students enrolled into 340 study programs. Two centuries long tradition and research excellence have positioned the University of Belgrade as the leading higher education institution in the region. In 2016 Shanghai Ranking UB was ranked among 201-300 (150 in mathematics) top universities in the world.

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