After great success of three Conferences: USA-EU-Japan-Serbia Manufacturing Summit, Belgrade, 2016, with main topic - Advanced Manufacturing Program – INDUSTRY 4.0 model for Serbia, of 2017 – New Conference with advanced topic – Smart and Intelligent Products, year 2018, on topic – Industry 4.0 for SMEs at last 2019 - INDUSTRY 4.0 and Internet of Things for Manufacturing. 2018

About AMP 2020

The main objective of this conference will be to bring together leading world experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the new Industry 4.0 model of manufacturing. Our hope is that such an even will assist in the development and growth of new innovative manufacturing industries in Serbia, producing smart products with intelligent characteristics, and relying on modern, new manufacturing processes and systems.

Conference will be hosted by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Belgrade. Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia, located at the scenic confluence of two major European rivers, with a uniquely remarkable and turbulent history, and a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene. University of Belgrade has a long tradition of academic excellence, where great minds from Nikola Tesla to Milutin Milankovic held lectures or were faculty. Its engineering still remains exceptionally respected in Europe, with its alumni scattered in top universities around the globe. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade is the largest such school in south-eastern Europe and one of the largest in Europe. Exciting lab tours and ample networking opportunities with faculty and students from this school will be organized for conference attendees.

Invited papers/best practices and experiences presentation by world-wide and national experts.

The 5th Conference on the Industry 4.0 Model for Advanced Manufacturing is glad to invite you to take part in the AMP 2020, which will held on 1st – 4th June, 2020, Belgrade, SERBIA.