Advanced Manufacturing Program 2017


AMP 2017 was held from 7th - 9th June 2017 at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia

The main objective of this Conference will be gather relevant stakeholders to discuss about the challenges and new opportunities that are created by the AMP for Serbia based on Industry 4.0 model, who will be integration into manufacturing industries and the appropriate exploitation of these new data for the development of new innovative manufacturing industries in Serbia, based on new generation of products – smart and intelligent characteristics. In order to give you a bit of background why we organize this Conference, even though it does not look that way now, Serbia was traditionally an industrialized country (at least compared to its environment, like Hungary, or Romania, which are now more developed), with railroad industry existing since 1880s, domestic aerospace industry starting in early 1920s and Belgrade alone having 4 aircraft factories in late 1930s, automotive industry since 1950s, microelectronics since 1970s. Furthermore, University of Belgrade was (still is) an academic powerhouse, where great minds from Nikola Tesla to Milutin Milankovic held lectures or were faculty, and its engineering still remains exceptionally respected in Europe (e.g. School of Mechanical Engineering is still the largest in southeastern Europe and one of the largest in Europe, with its alumni scattered in leading schools all over the world). Unfortunately, bad political choices and terrible circumstances led to a steep decline in the last 25 years, with many of those traditional industries disappearing or severely degrading (the only bright-ish spot at this moment is Fiat’s automotive factory there, making about 150K vehicles, and that’s pretty much it). Prof. Ni (Director fo the S. M. Wu Manufacturing Research Center at the University of Michigan and Founding Dean of the Univeristy of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute in Shanghai, China), Prof. Djurdjanovic (Director of the University of Texas Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems and one of the leaders in Advanced Manufacturing, ASME member, one of world leader for Advanced Manufacturing), Prof. Majstorovic (CIRP member from Belgrade and a leading manufacturing professor there), and all participants from Conference INDUSTRY 4.0.0 Serbian Program, was held 31st May – 2nd June 2016, agree that the only way to have a prosperous society is to have autochthonous advanced manufacturing, which will feed services and other branches of the economy and that is almost certainly the reason for Serbia’s sluggish rise in the last decade and a half, since political changes took place (instead of a rapid rebuilding, our growth is at 2.5 – 3 % per annum at best, with low quality, low level manufacturing moving there just for the low cost labor). In this step are products with high level of added values as a smart and intelligent products. Relevant people who will include policy makers, company managers, as well as representatives of industrial associations and academia, discussed possible concrete policy measures and actions that could be launched in the coming period – 2020/2030, to leverage national efforts in this area to speed up the modernization of the Serbian industry, based on new generation of products – smart products.

Here you can see Agenda and Detailed Program of AMP2017

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