14th International Convection on Quality - UASQ

ICQ2017 was held 5th – 9th June 2017 at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia

It is our pleasure and honor to see you on the 14th International Convention on Quality – UASQ 2017. We look forward to sharing the experience and knowledge of all Convention participants in regard to the main issues that QM is facing today and will face tomorrow. The Convention will examine the most important topics occurring today’s QM, with an eye to connecting this management more closely to decision makers and their strategic issue. The focus will be on how quality managers can lead in preventing waste, reducing expenses, increasing savings and influencing the bottom line, all by using familiar and cutting-edge quality methodology. The UASQ (United Association of Serbia for Quality), Belgrade, wishes to thank all the organizations and companies for their kind contributions and support in organizing the 13 th International Convention on Quality – UASQ 2017. This traditionally UASQ ICQ will be held in June, between 05th – 09th June 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The main objective of the ICQ 2017 is to provide an international forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience, research results and information about various aspects of the state-of-the-art and the future development of quality management/IMS and TQM/BE. The scope of the ICQ 2017 covers philosophical, scientific and practical concepts concerning research, development and application of QM based approaches (QMS/TQM/BE) and IMS.

Final Report for ICQ 2017 Conference

You can see here the Detailed Program for ICQ 2017

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