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Las 100 mejores canciones de rap de los 80

Carátula de la NWA 1980

Carátula de la NWA 1980

Octubre 22, 2019

Los años 80 fueron la Edad de Oro del Rap por la aparición de una nueva forma musical. Dieron a los artistas, antes silenciados, la oportunidad de expresarse líricamente. Estas son las 100 mejores canciones de Rap de los años 80.

1.N.W.A.-Straight Outta Compton

2.Kool G Rap And DJ Polo-Road To The Riches

3.Treacherous Three-Feel The Heartbeat

4.Run-D.M.C.-Its Like That

5.Kurtis Blow-The Breaks

6.Ice-T-6 ‘N The Mornin

7.Boogie Down Productions-Criminal Minded

8.Doug E Fresh And Slick Rick-The Show

9.Eazy E-Boyz N The Hood

10.Slick Rick-Children’s Story

11.Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five-Mensaje

12.Eric B And Rakim-I Ain’t No Joke

13.LL Cool J-Rock The Bells

14.Eric B And Rakim-Paid In Full

15.LL Cool J-I’m Bad

16.The D.O.C.-Its Funky Enough

17.N.W.A.-Gangsta Gangsta

18.The D.O.C.-The Formula

19.Big Daddy Kane-Ain’t No Half Steppin

20.Too Short-Don’t Stop Rappin 01

21.Too Short-Players

22.Beastie Boys-Beastie

23.Run-D.M.C.-Sucker M.C’S (Krush-Groove 1)

24.Salt-N-Pepa-Push It

25.Public Enemy-Rebelde Sin Pausa

26.N.W.A.-Express Yourself

27.Tone Loc-Wild Thing

28.Funky Four Plus One-That’s The Joint

29.Doug E. Fresh-La Di Da Di

30.Beastie Boys-Fight For Your Right

31.Biz Markie-Just A Friend

32.Run-D.M.C.-Walk This Way

33.Young MC-Bust A Move

34.LL Cool J-I Need Love

35.Schoolly-D P. S K ‘What Does It Mean’?

36.Beastie Boys-Paul Revere

37.Audio Two-Top Billin’

38.Boogie Down Productions-The Bridge Is Over

39.Special Ed-I Got It Made

40.Run-D.M.C.-Rock Box

41.EPMD-You Gots To Chill

42.De La Soul-Me Myself And I

43.Public Enemy-Don’t Believe The Hype

44.Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five-White Lines-Long Version

45.EPMD-So Wat Cha Sayin’

46.Public Enemy-Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

47.Mc Shan-The Bridge

48.Newcleus-Jam On It

49.Run-D.M.C.-Peter Piper

50.Whodini-Funky Beat

51.Mc Lyte-Paper Thin

52.Eric B And Rakim-Microphone Fiend

53.Boogie Down Productions-My Philosophy

54.Ultramagnetic MCs-Ego Trippin

55.Run-D.M.C.-Its Tricky

56.Marley Marl-The Symphony

57.DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-Parents Just Don’t Understand

58.Public Enemy-Bring The Noise

59.Eric B And Rakim-Eric B Is The President

60.Boogie Down Productions-South Bronx

61.Big Daddy Kane-Smooth Operator

62.Kurtis Blow-Christmas Rappin’

63.Eric B And Rakim-My Melody

64.Stetsasonic-Talkin’ All That Jazz

65.DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Brand New Funk

66.Treacherous Three-The New Rap Language

67.The SugarHill Gang-Rappers Delight

68.Beastie Boys-Shake Your Rump

69.Eric B And Rakim-I Know You Got Soul

70.Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five-The Megamelle Mix

71.Kool G Rap And DJ Polo-Men At Work

72.MC Lyte-I’m Not Havin It

73.N.W.A.-Panic Zone

74.Ice-T-Im Your Pusher

75.Eazy E-Eazy Duz It

76.Doug E Fresh And Slick Rick-Play This Only At Night (Will’s Mood)

77.Eric B And Rakim-Follow The Leader

78.Eric B And Rakim-Paid In Full

79.LL Cool J-I Need A Beat


81.Big Daddy Kane-Mister Cee’s Master Plan

82.Kool G Rap-She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

83.Kool Moe Dee-The Don

84.Kurtis Blow-Basket Ball

85.The SugarHill Gang-Be A Winner

86.Boogie Down Productions-Word From Our Sponser

87.Mc Shan-Go For Yours (‘Cause I’m Gonna Get Mine)

88.Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five-Can’t Keep Runnin’ Away

89.EPMD-You Had Too Much To Drink

90.Kool Moe Dee-The Best

91.Special Ed-One In A Million (Loose Talk In The Studio)

92.MC Lyte-Cappucino

93.LL Cool J-Def Jam In The Motherland

94.MC Hammer-You’re Being Served

95.N.W.A.-Something Like That

96.Dj Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Another Special Announcement

97.Beastie Boys-Hey Ladies

98.MC Shan-Dub Biter

99.Ice-T-What Ya Wanna Do?

100.Kool Moe Dee-Stupid

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